echinacea and everything you need to know about it


Echinacea is one of the most popular herbs all around the world. Also known as purple coneflower, the herb has tons of medicinal and health benefits. 

Here are some of the potential uses, benefits, and almost everything you need to know about one of the most beautiful and beneficial herb in the world – echinacea.


What does Echinacea mean? 

Echinacea is the name of a flower, having roots in North America. Now cultivated all over the world. The name is of Greek origin and means sea urchin. 

What goes well with Echinacea? 

It is widely used as an herb and goes well with catmint, salvia, Achilles, etc. However, you can get the best flavor when Echinacea is blended with butterfly weed or Asclepias.

Is Echinacea a perennial? 

Pleasant news for you; your Echinacea plant is not perennial. Instead, it is a fighter who will survive winters, and the beautiful flowers will blossom during the spring.  

Can you eat Echinacea with elderberries? 

If you are planning to eat them together, then please consult your dietician. They will offer the best guidance. Blending these two is not recommended usually. Still, no study shows such a result. 

Can you take goldenseal and Echinacea together? 

There are many benefits of herbs if taken regularly. The combination of goldenseal and Echinacea is safe for consumption but up to 6 weeks, beyond that isn’t recommended. 

Does Echinacea have antibacterial properties? 

Echinacea is having antibacterial properties and is used to cure the wound. In addition, it acts as an immunity booster and is used as a prominent ingredient for home remedies. 

What are the two types of Echinacea? 

Echinacea purpurea and Echinacea Angustifolia are two types of Echinacea. It usually has nine species and three different types, including Echinacea Pallida. These are used in herbal remedies and are native Americans.  

Are all Echinacea medicinal? 

There are broadly three types, and all are medicinal. Used for treating illnesses like cold, cough, low immunity issues, infection, etc. This purple flower has been blessing humankind for centuries. 


Does Echinacea kill viruses? 

Echinacea is consumed in different forms to get various benefits. For example, when consumed as tea, it helps to lower down symptoms of cold and increases immunity. In addition, it helps to fight against viruses.

Is Echinacea good for inflammation? 

Excellent properties are found in Echinacea, and it helps to minimize the effect of inflammation. In addition, it is a good herb that helps you absorb various benefits from daily consumption. 

Does Echinacea make you sleepy? 

People who consume Echinacea complain about dizziness. It is not a big issue; you can reduce the doses and get sorted easily. 

Is Echinacea bad for your liver? 

In rare cases, it has been reported that Echinacea does cause inflammation to the liver if you exceed the dose or are allergic to it. 

Is Echinacea bad for your kidneys? 

The kidney doesn’t get any bad effects from the consumption of Echinacea. It is not listed in the list of herbs that are harmful to kidneys. So you can consume without worrying about your kidneys. 

Does Echinacea thin your blood? 

The medicine that helps the patient to thin their blood becomes ineffective by Echinacea. Therefore, if you are taking warfarin should avoid consuming Echinacea in any possible form.  

Can Echinacea make allergies worse? 

It has been observed through past studies that Echinacea can treat allergies but can worsen the seasonal ones. Therefore, it has many benefits but should be used after a lot of research and study.  

How much Echinacea should I take for anxiety? 

People fighting anxiety are advised to take two pills per day for at least a week. However, you should always first consult a medicinal expert, who will give you the best dose to help you in the long term. 

Does Echinacea help with depression? 

It can treat the symptoms that make depression severe. In addition, the studies have proven, Echinacea can ease out anxiety, and with continuous consumption, you can see better results.  

Does Echinacea boost the immune system? 

Echinacea is capable of fighting various diseases and is capable of boosting immunity. However, one thing is important, and all the benefits are offered on regular consumption. No overnight miracles happen with this herb.

Is Echinacea good for a cold? 

Regular intake of echinacea can help you get rid of cold. It increases the number of white blood cells in your body, helping you to fight infections.

Echinacea helps reduce the symptoms of cold and flu, as well as reduces the time of recovery. 

How much Echinacea should I take for the flu? 

Sole consumption of Echinacea cannot treat flu within few weeks. However, a combination of medicine with Echinacea can still offer you successful treatment. You should take around 4000 mg of echinacea per day for ten weeks. 

Does Echinacea help with hair growth? 

You can easily strengthen your hair follicles and have naturally strong hair with the help of Echinacea. It will offer natural shine, smoothness, and silkiness to your hair. 

Does Echinacea help with dry skin? 

Dry skin can show signs of aging at a very early age. You can treat them and get rid of dry-out skin, wrinkles and dullness with regular Echinacea cream. 

Is Echinacea good for eczema? 

Eczema can be painful at times, and you need to apply a cream that can soothe your skin fast. Echinacea cream can help you treat eczema if taken regularly, at least for three months. 

Is Echinacea good for the stomach? 

Echinacea is considered excellent for gut health. There have been tests and studies that have suggested that Echinacea if consumed regularly, can increase Bacteroides. 

Does Echinacea help with tooth pain? 

Echinacea is one of the best pain killers that nature has given us. You can easily get instant relief from the tooth pain till you get it treated by your dentist. 

Echinacea is rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents, which reduces the inflammation and swelling in your gums. This thus helps to get rid of toothache.

Does Echinacea help with UTI? 

UTI can be treated by medicines and home remedies. Echinacea is recommended to prevent and treat UTI. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties that can cure the illness in no time. 


What are echinacea pills good for? 

Echinacea Pills are used majorly for treating infections like flu, cold, cough, etc. Regular intake is recommended to get the best results. 

How many echinacea pills should I take a day? 

You should not take more than 2 echinacea pills, twice a day. They should not be taken for more than 10 days. But you should always consult your doctor before taking them daily.

Can you take Echinacea with Vitamin D? 

Vitamin D is a special type of supplement that has to be consumed at a fixed interval when you take calcium supplements. There are no such issues after consumption of Echinacea with vitamin D. 

Can I take vitamin C and Echinacea together? 

Vitamin C and Echinacea can be taken together after consulting your doctor. Though, there is no such declared issue or any prohibition on consumption of these both together.  


Does Echinacea affect fertility? 

Women trying to get pregnant should avoid consuming Echinacea in any form. There have been studies on this topic and have concluded as having a bad effect on your fertility.  

Is Echinacea safe during the first trimester? 

Echinacea is considered safe during the first trimester of pregnancy. A research was conducted a few years ago, in which 260 women participated. They took echinacea during their first trimester and reported no side effects.

However, to be on the safe side it would be better if you talk to your gynecologist and take their consent, before adding the herb to your diet.

Can Echinacea cause miscarriage? 

Echinacea is considered safe and has not reported any cases of miscarriage. However, eating the herb for too long might cause nausea and skin irritation. You should not take echinacea for more than 7 days if you are pregnant.

Can Echinacea cause congenital disabilities? 

There has been no past case that reported congenital disabilities in infants of pregnant women who were taking Echinacea. 

Can I take Echinacea while pregnant? 

Echinacea is a safe herb and can be eaten while you are pregnant. It stimulates your digestive system and increases the production of white blood cells in your body. This thus helps to boost your immunity and help fight infections while you are pregnant.

Can you take Echinacea while breastfeeding? 

Echinacea is a safe herb if you are breastfeeding your baby. It helps fight off infection and keeps the mother and the baby healthy.

However, a change in the diet of the woman breastfeeding her baby is a red flag. It reflects on the baby. Suppose you see certain changes in your baby, like rashes, constipation, or poor feeding, you should stop consuming echinacea.

Does Echinacea affect milk supply? 

There are no such facts or conclusions of any past examination or study that Echinacea is harmful or affects milk supply. You can keep a check on your supply while consuming and feeding the baby and look for red flags. 

Is Echinacea safe for babies? 

Whether directly or indirectly, Echinacea herb is not recommended to a young one below the age of twelve. Most children are allergic to this herb, and it is better to avoid it. 


Is Echinacea safe for dogs? 

A dog can get benefitted after a regular dose of Echinacea in their meal. It is safe and helps dogs in fast recovery. The herb is capable of treating eczema, heart diseases, seizures, etc. 

Can I give liquid echinacea to my dog? 

Liquid echinacea can act as an immunity booster for your dog, and help fight off fungal and bacterial infections. 

However, If your dog has any past allergic reaction or is suffering from diabetes, you should avoid adding echinacea to their diet.

Does Echinacea make dogs sick? 

Echinacea is considered safe for your dogs, and would not cause any allergies or issues. However, overdosing on the herb may cause gastrointestinal issues in some dog breeds.

You can start by adding a tablespoon of echinacea extract to your dog’s food, once a day and notice their response. If you do not see any allergic reaction then you can increase the dosage.

Is Echinacea safe for cats? 

Your cat will have no issue with Echinacea. It is found as an ingredient in package cat foods and is safe for consumption. It is non-toxic for your cat. 

How do I give my rabbit echinacea? 

You have two options, either give it fresh to your rabbit along with the stem. Or dry up the leaves and make a diluted tea. Offer it to your rabbit after it completely cools down. 

How much Echinacea can I give my rabbit? 

Young rabbits should be given half a tablespoon of echinacea and two tablespoons of older rabbits, thrice a week. 

The quantity of echinacea you give varies as per the age of your rabbit.

Is Echinacea toxic to rabbits? 

Echinacea is non-toxic for rabbits rather will act as an immunity booster. It can keep the rabbits out of its reach due to its strong fragrance but it is harmless.

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